...YOGIC Flying (Foam rubber levitation)...rip-off...crackpot science...

The foam rubber hopping (Pseudoflying)

In 1978, the tm-movement published pictures of flying meditators in Lotus-seat. (PDF)

Even the natural law party had 1995 a electioneering foam-rubber-hopper - film.

Lately  the images are more refined, i. snapshots of foam-hopping and no hard manipulable videos (the Bezier-curves cut-out technique makes it possible), and there exists also a superfoam.

Movies of hovering Yogis and magicians are also on Youtube .

On expensive courses, it turned out that it was only muscle contractions on foame rubber mats.

Maharishi founded an 'invincible defense group' of so-called 'yogic flyers', which was also designed to remove tensions in the world.


What is Yogic Flying?," Asks Larry King to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi... (Youtube)

Unified field -- Dr. Hagelin...(Youtube)
Anm.: A similar field exists in hinduism in form of the regarding to A.A.B. fourdimensional Maya, the material substance, which vibrates under the influence of the atman (consciousness) , so that resulting with the Intermediate stage of Prakriti(the higher nature) the material worlds are formed. But every Hindu meditation avoides that Maya-force(Avidya).

The 'conzept' of his 'holyness' was gross seen a 'global country of worldpeace' on the basis of 'invincible nations' with support of a 'INVINCIBLE DEFENCE GRPOUP' on the basis of allegedly 'yogic coherent TM-Flyers'(better : Foam rubber hoppers) in the unproven 'unified field' with the TM - worldgovernemt in castle Mentmore.
A psychiatrist would probably comment: Such a case we have not had ?

Yogic Flying - Meditation and Yoga - the pseudo-koherent Fly-illusion (Youtube) -
others did it before us - now we 'come' - hopplahop.....

Yogic Flying - Meru 2016 (Youtube)

Yogic Flying Demo October 2003 (Youtube) ...Yogic hopping and then wait

and wait and wait

and wait...for the first 'levitation' (step2) and then still later step 3...

* A not neutral Wiki about TM-Siddhis

My further comment: When i see the hopping meditators thoughts like Bauernfang and " awakenening of false hopes (court!)" go throught my head. Therefore a hint : You can also meditate in a monorail and then float(its very much cheaper and without disappointment...)...

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