The former worldgovernment of the age of enlightenment...
In the timeperiod after the vedic area master Adi Shankara introduced the Advaity and the "Varna", the cast system, which had a spiritual background at that time. He divided india into four areas - each with a Shankaracharya.

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The Shankara-Order does not accept Maharishi as a Shankaracharya and rejects him. He was only the secretary of Guru Dev and not a initiated disciple. Guru Dev who died from poison had wanted two other persons as successor, and there is no proof that Guru Dev was a fully enlightened master (step 20).

Maharishis teachings inclusive the Transcendental Meditation and the siddhis are very different from the traditional Advaita-Vedanta -Teachings of the Shankara-Order, and he does not represent the "Holy tradition" (and i am fully convinced that he is a black master !).

The (alleged) siddhis are in claring contradiction to the teachings of the order and even Pantanjali warns before them.

* Wiki : TM-History

At the beginning of the nineties Maharishi moved the Guru Dev somewhat into the background and turned to Vedanta, which Shankara had once superseeded with 'Advaita' because of the many errors which had crept into traditional Vedanta, and to Ayurveda and doubtful yogic "flying", 'peace'- palaces and ' invincibility'(-towers)...

At the 6. February 2008 Maharishi died - after he had said he had met Guru Devs alleged mission.
Since then is Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam Tony Nader president[who had received his weight in gold].

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