The History of the TM - Movement

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was an assistant of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath in the Indian Himalayas. Initially he spread just a simple mantra meditation and he tried to make the impression of connection with the holy tradition of the suddenly deceased (poison) guru Brahmananda Saraswati [video].

The TM-Initiator presented a Puja in front of a painting of the Guru Dev and tried (often in good faith ) to make the impression of a connection to the 'Holy Tradition', - which rejected Maharishi for several reasons completely.
After some years had the regular meditator the possibility to get accelerators('Fertilizer') within a paid further initiation, at first a later given up sleeptechnique, and then stepwise at the first mantra attached up to 5 syllables.

1957 gave Maharishi his enlightenment known publicly.
1958 visited Maharishi Europe for the first time in England.
Starting from 1959 a fee for the meditation was levied. Maharishi then described a three-year plan with the aim of training 25,000 meditation teachers from 1960 onwards.
1967 he spent nearly a year in the Ilse-Eickhoff-Akademie near Bremen in germany.

The 80ies
Steps of the development of the movement were

  • The initiator Robert Kropinski became suspicious and visited the Shankara Order in India and received a sobering view of Maharishi. Mr. Kropinski then complained in the USA with success and 1987 because of unfulfilled propmises.
  • 1983 : The(failed) 'government of the age of enlightenment' publishes an international appeal in magazines to several governments to solve their problems
  • Unproven 'Siddhis'(yogic flying) and expensive courses, invincible defense, unified field and the ' nature law party' and the new 'RAAM' - currency of the 'Global country of worldpeace' and an unproven 'Maharishi effect' .
  • Strong Alpha-(Skin)Brainwaves(relaxation) during TM as alleged proof for a 4th state of consciousness instead of [Gamma waves] which control states of consciousness in the brain.

The 90ies
At the beginning of the nineties Maharishi moved Guru Dev something from the heart, and swung around to Veda and wrote several books. were characteristic for that time.

2004 lost Maharishi the disappointed sponsor Earl Kaplan.
At the moment is the actor David Lynch a known 'sponsor' -> 'donate without stress'.

Many fans saw in Maharishi strangely still a Sadguru, but many initiators left him.

Maharishi died at the 6. February 2008 - after he had said he had met Guru Devs alleged mission. Since then is Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam Tony Nader president[who had received his weight in gold].
Girish Varma, Maharishi's nephew, became head of TM movement operations in India.

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